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Spring 2024 Season....

10th March Essex & Suffolk
17th March Kimblewick
24th March Oakley
7th April Fernie
21st April Bicester
28th April Worcestershire

British Team Chasing

British Team Chasing National Sponsors

As with all sports we are very grateful for the generous sponsorship which allows us to invest in British Team Chasing each year. We would like to thank all our sponsors & volunteers for their continued support - please take a few moments to visit their websites and offer your support.

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR)
Office 6 Penfold Building Westfield Farm East Garston Hungerford Berkshire RG17 7HD
Tel: 01488 648998 Web:

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National Sponsorship Opportunities for Businesses

Would you like to become a Team Chase Sponsor? Contact us now for exciting business opportunities!

It's fast, bold, stirring and brave; it's life-affirming both for spectator and participant; it's highly sociable and very gregarious.  Competing at speed on horseback over cross country obstacles is at the heart of country sport. Welcome to its latest and youngest manifestation – Team Chasing.

Our Heritage

The horse is at the centre of almost every sport practised in the countryside. Racing, Eventing and Polo are all exciting specialisms that require dedication, peak fitness and supreme athleticism at whatever level you pitch in at.
Team Chasing is the most inclusive of these sports, building teamwork and co-operation between team members, as they race over 2 miles and 20+ obstacles in a time trial.

Invented little more than 35 years ago at Hickstead, Team Chasing has developed into a popular national sport enjoyed by a broad base of participants and spectators across the UK. From Novice through to Open class, riders of all abilities can hone their speed jumping abilities as they gallop across country together.

Our Customers

In recent research, we were able to identify some key credentials that help define the Team Chasing audience from other horse sports in the countryside.

  • 70% of our audience is female
  • The audience is also predominantly young, with nearly three-quarters under 45
  • 65% are in full-time or self-employment, with a household income in excess of £50,000
  • 70% live in rural areas
  • 40% drive an All Wheel Drive vehicle
  • Our audience are animal lovers; 82% own a horse, 63% a dog and 40% a cat
  • Over half are regular followers of the sport, attending more than 3 events each year
  • The audience over indexes as readers of quality newspapers and periodicals like The Times, Telegraph, Mail, Horse & Hound and The Field.

This then is an affluent rural demographic comprising land, property & business owners predisposed toward sociable country activities.

How to Reach the Customer

Marketing your business through sport makes an emotive appeal to consumers and business customers alike, to strengthen your commercial appeal. Sports marketing offers a cost effective device for presenting your product offering directly and through the media in an eye-catching and creative way. Sport is a major selling point for all media, from broadcasters to national and regional newspapers, offering those titles and rights holders selling points around which to create marketing solutions.

Individually, and collectively, Team Chasing's calendar of events each season offers brands multiple opportunities to engage with audiences:

  • Brand awareness – our sport has a spectator audience in excess of 50,000, and a strong following online, through social media, and in periodicals like Horse & Hound
  • Media partnerships – there is every opportunity to scale up our media exposure through local TV channels, regional newspaper groups and monthly periodicals like Cotswold Life, Worcestershire Life and so on
  • Experiential marketing, product sampling & trial – the rhythm of the day's events allows plenty of time for spectators and participants alike to browse shops, explore holidays and engage with brands or services
  • Direct mail -  working with the organizers of the events, we can put you directly in touch with a cadre of land and property owning residents working or livibg in the countryside
  • Print, outdoor and online marketing opportunities – our colour publications, event sites and web site all lend themselves to additional communication channels with our audience
  • Premium customer hospitality – everyone loves a day at the sports. Some of the hospitality on offer offers a unique experience in some of the most sought after landed estates in Britain

Team Chasing can help you reach a largely affluent demographic of rural land, property and business owners whose leisure time is built around country pursuits. More than that, it offers a highly sociable environment in which to capture data, win friends and influence future buying decisions. And it's great fun.

For more details on how to get involved, please call Peter McNeile on 07850 091523 or send a mail.

Case Studies

Global Recycling is a sole distributor for Bandit recycling products in the UK, performing a wide variety of tasks from wood & waste processing, tree and stump chippers, forestry mowers and specialty yard equipment. Its sister company Shred-Tech supplies equipment and systems for the paper, plastics, food packaging, pharmaceutical, hazardous, municipal and medical waste industries.

Global Recycling embarked upon sponsorship of the British Team Chasing National Championships to raise awareness of its brand identity amidst land owners and business owners.

Across 15 separate events each year, Global Recycling was able to develop brand association, and meet key prospects and prevailing customers over 5 months at low key but highly entertaining sporting events. Given that the events are rural, its focus was on opening dialogue with forestry and land managers, land agents and owners of agri-businesses.

Across the 3 year campaign, British Team Chasing put Global recycling in front of some 150,000 spectators, and introduced the brand's representatives to key land owners in each territory. The brand's association with the sport also reached many thousands of readers of rural publications like Horse & Hound and others aligned to horse sports.

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