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National Championship 31 March 2019
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For better or for worse – the Team Chasing family

Posted: April 2019

The outstanding team spirit and camaraderie of our sport is never more obvious than when the chips are down. Katie Richards, of the newly crowned Skinner’s National Champions Team Ride Away has certainly experienced the highs and lows, suffering a crashing fall just one week later. Here is her tribute to the medical professionals and her team mates who helped her afterwards.

From the highs to the lows, Katie Richards (yellow bib) has seen team chasing in all its facets this month.



Please excuse this circular thank you note- I am so indebted to so many people for the help I received on Sunday at the Worcestershire Team Chase, this seemed the best way to do it. If you are not listed by name, apologies. My only excuse was I was a)unconscious b)semi-conscious c)usual scatty self. If you know anyone this may be aimed at, please pass it on as I am completely un-techy and computerphobic.
Despite being involved with horses my whole ancient life and team chasing the last 25, Sunday was my first experience of coming to, strapped to a board in an ambulance(normally I've managed to make my own way to A and E, by hook or crook). For those of you yet to experience this, let me tell you how grateful you must be that this service is waiting for you on all the courses you gallop over and on the take off's and landing's of all those hedges we love to jump. Our indulgent adrenalin rush on horse back has consequences. While we choose to have a blast with our weekend, a great bunch of medics are jammed into an ambulance on their weekend, picking up the pieces. Utterly professional, they'll make those immediate decisions that could see you walking again or not. I've always made an effort to thank volunteers, organisers, sponsors, donated to air ambulance events and only realised after this weekend how often I have overlooked the doctors and ambulance on course. Apologies- I will rectify this in future.

To those medics who saw me through the initial stages post my fall- thank you. I have little recollection of our conversations, a vague memory of a groovy guy in shades trying to keep me smiling, but when I put my boots, body protector and air jacket on again (which I'm afraid I do aim to do), it's thanks to you for making the effort to not cut them off! To the ambulance crew I got handed over to- thank you for allowing team mates to get phone numbers from me and a phone to me to take to hospital and keeping me together through the journey at the end of a long shift. No doubt during this process, the organisers and those on course whom you see with walkie-talkie in hand, were also super busy trying to cope with the logistics of this hand over and getting the course cleared ready for yet more riding antics. Thank you.

You have a lot of time to reflect when you are immobilised, your head and upper body tightly strapped down with lots of tape and only a variety of ceilings to view as you are wheeled along at various speeds and held in random locations. Throughout all this, it felt like a well oiled machine, getting me to right destination. We are so, SO lucky to have the NHS. It may be crumbling under the pressure (please read 'This is Going to Hurt' by Adam Kay), but all the exhausted, over-worked staff just keep giving and somehow holding the place together. Utterly professional, how they move you, how they talk to you and explain your predicament. You are utterly reliant, on the group that lift and get you through the CT scans and in particular one incredible nurse, a Mum of 3 boys, at the end of a massive shift, holding on to sort out painkillers and see me stitched up. I had a gorgeous young Doctor that I can thoroughly recommend to any of you younger, single team chase girls out there(he said he'd always fancied riding a horse?!). Thank you for being so kind, speeding my way through and those extra stitches.

So- I got lucky. I got to walk out of A and E(albeit bare foot as I had no blooming boots!). As you walk out upright, you get to see all those beds queuing down the hall and out into the entrance, full of all those other predicaments that weren't self-inflicted. As you get to go home to repair, the hospital battles on as do all inside it. I got to walk out with my Mum and Peter, who, in their 70's had driven hours to the hospital to see me through and get me home. I got to go return home to be a Mummy myself to my little boy. Thank God.

Meanwhile at home, thanks to all my spectacular team mates back in Worcestershire(Rideaway clan) and friends in the village(Paula and Kate), my lorry had been delivered(no mean feat- it's more quirky than your worst team chaser(sorry James and Michelle??!!!)), horse who also didn't have the best time at the fence, checked over, back out in his field, rugged up, studs removed, hayed up. Dog, who I neglected to say was in season, dropped off hopefully not in pup (who even cares by this stage).

And even my dubious, "lucky" stock pin, has been held safely by the team captain, Sophie Supreme Candy. Think it's held hostage until I return? Can't wait. Hope to see you all at the Bicester, have a ball at the Avon Vale and go safe. Thank you for all your well wishing messages. Lucky to be involved in a sport with such great bunch of people. Also lucky to be. 

Katie Richards x

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Ride Away to Victory

Posted: April 2019

Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship, Tur Langton 31st March

Team Ride-Away 1 reclaimed their title at the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship in a nail-biting battle with arch rivals Fox Grant Dot Com and multiple winners Relentless.

The beefed up and refreshed Fernie course at Tur Langton took plenty of prisoners, wth nine of the 15 starters completing.

However, Joe Stevenson, Charlotte Alexander, Katie Richards and Lisette Davies produced a copy book round, never looking flat out, but twisting and turning expertly through the Fernie’s switchback hedges and awe inspiring drops. They also made light work of the Valley Oak Frame pen and the increasingly technical complex of log, new trakehner and yet more switchbacks that followed.

Over the final section which features corners and some of the meatiest hedges on the course they were especially slick.

They were cheered on by team captain Stephen Clark, owner of lead horse Slim but out for the season after breaking ribs in a schooling fall, and chef d’equipe Sophie Candy who has the difficult job of matching horses and riders together in the squad’s multiple teams.

Fox Grant Dot Com left commentator Philip Cowen virtually speechless, with hunt race queen Yvonne Goss and Untilla Legend giving their team mates a superb lead.

Relentless also put in a highly impressive round for third, finishing just a further 4sec behind.

Fox Grant Dot Com 2 took an early lead, but were down to three early on and a sat nav failure at the top meant that they could be beaten into fourth.

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Posted: April 2019

The Worcestershire Team Chase (Sunday 7th April) is following BEF guidelines on equine influenza, so please check your horses' passports are up to date. 
Competitors and spectators must not bring their dogs to the course at Abbeylands. It is a working sheep and beef farm and our hosts wish to try to reduce the risks of a bio security breach by keeping dogs off their land.


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Skinner's Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship

Posted: March 2019

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) has generously sponsored additional prizes at the Skinner's Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship on Sunday 31st March for ex-racehorses running under their former racing name, who are registered with RoR. The owner of the horse(s) who completes the course in the highest-placed team will receive £500; 2nd placed team - £250; 3rd placed team - £100. If there is more than one RoR registered horse within a team, each ex-racehorse with receive a similar prize. Riders must state their horse’s ‘Racing Name’ at point of entry. 
The schedule for the Fernie Team Chase, at which the Skinner's Pet Foods National Championship is the centrepiece, can be found here.

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Equine Influenza – information for competitors

Posted: Feb 2019

British Team Chasing events this spring will be run under BEF guidance on Equine Influenza ie that owners and riders should ensure that their horses' vaccination records are up to date.

For more detailed information on Equine Influenza, the BEF has issued a detailed Q&A:

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Spring Dates Announced

Posted: Jan 2019

The Beaufort and Farmers Bloodhounds Team Chases will run novice and intermediate classes and all others also have Skinners’ Pet Foods open qualifiers (the winner of the 2019 Skinners’ Pet Foods National Championship receives automatic qualification for the 2020 final).

We welcome the Farmers Bloodhounds to the team chasing family with their first event, to be run at Plum Park, near Towcester, Northamptonshire. More details of these events will be available on this website and our social media channels shortly!

For more information, visit Issued by Jane Carley

Team Chasing Spring Calendar Announced

Dates for the spring team chase season are as follows:
Sunday 17th March: Beaufort, Sherston, Wiltshire
Sunday 24th March: Farmers Bloodhounds, Towcester, Northants (NEW EVENT)
Sunday 31st March: Fernie, Tur Langton, Leics (Skinners' National Championship)
Sunday 7th April: Worcestershire, Bromsgrove
Sunday 14th April: Avon Vale, Bromham, Wiltshire
Saturday 20th April: Bicester, Newton Morrell (PROVISIONAL DATE)

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Teams chase Skinner's Pet Foods title

Posted: Jan 2019

Team chasing is gearing up for its big day out - the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship 2019 to be held at the Fernie Team Chase at Tur Langton, Leicestershire on Sunday 31st March.

Regarded as the ultimate equestrian adrenalin sport, team chasing is also renowned for its exceptional camaraderie amongst competitors, and is ideal for all horses from newcomers to cross country to retrained racehorses enjoying a second career.

With teams of three or four horses competing together over natural fences, it offers a unique buzz for riders, and the speed and excitement makes for the perfect spectator sport.

At open level, there are thrills and spills as riders chance paying the price for a tight turn to a fence with a time-wasting run out; yet at every event also includes a novice optimum time class ideal for less experienced combinations.

Skinner’s Pet Foods is a manufacturer of premium quality dog food from their Suffolk mill using natural ingredients. Stocked in independent pet shops, country stores and agricultural merchants, rather than supermarkets, Skinner’s has a national platform with which to develop quality pet nutrition. It is the fourth season that the company has supported British Team Chasing.

The Fernie Team Chase is the perfect day out in the countryside with entertainment, food and drink and shopping, all as a backdrop to the excitement Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship. Who will be crowned Champions in 2019?

For more information, visit Issued by Jane Carley

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Team Chasing Leagues Decided at The Essex And Suffolk

Posted: Oct 2018

Relentless were crowned the British Team Chasing Open League champions at the Essex and Suffolk team chase. Rowan Cope, Matt Mackley, Anne Mackley and Dickie Barrett are the core of the team together with owner Belinda Walkinshaw. Dickie was unfortunately injured at the Herefordshire Team Chase, so friends of the team have deputised on Belinda’s horse Murphy for the last two events.

Gradually regrouping through 2018 with some new horses, Relentless have been in the shake-up at six events this season, topped by a stunning victory at the Cotswold, where they made the new Mark Vestey Irish Bank look like a molehill.

At the Essex and Suffolk, they only needed to be in the placings to take the league title, and despite some of team chasing’s usual drama, they delivered.

Impressive considering that Thomas and Murphy (Rowan’s and Dickie’s rides respectively) only started team chasing this autumn. Matt’s horse Digger has returned to form after a few issues, and Anne has forged a great partnership with Mo, having taken on the ride this season.

“We’ve really struggled for horses over the last year or so,” commented Rowan. “My top horse Better Hand had a really busy year in 2017/18 with team chasing, hunt rides and even a point to point, so he’s had a break, but Thomas has come out of racing and taken to this job really well, while Anne can give a great lead on Mo.”

Runners up were Fox Grant Dot Com who produced a late flourish, winning at the Essex and Suffolk, while Skinner’s Pet Foods National Champions Wishful Thinkers Too have proved highly consistent to take third place.

The Foxdenton Intermediate League was a two-horse race pretty much from the off, and Team Ride Away IV and Eternal Optimists both gave spectators plenty to watch, with exciting performances throughout the season. A win at the Essex and Suffolk secured the title for Team Ride Away by a decent margin, but they were hugely consistent, getting a placing in every qualifying round and also winning at the new Herefordshire event.
Joe Stevenson, Roddy Stanning, Amber Bradshaw and Lisette Davies put on a stunning display to win the Essex and Suffolk by 37sec.

Eternal Optimists provided some thrills and spills along the way, notably a ducking for one member when well in contention at the Herefordshire, but won three rounds including at the National Championship in appalling weather.

Team Ride Away IV captain Stephen Clark was injured at the Pytchley, but along with wife Angela has supported the squad all the way. “We’re lucky to have such an amazing group of horses and riders,” he commented. “Roddy got on my horse Tyson with five minutes notice for the Pytchley intermediate after I fell in the open and is a great addition to the team. But we couldn’t do any of it without Sophie Candy who manages the teams so well and organises multiple horse swaps for Joe. It’s been a tricky season with so many cancellations, but the camaraderie between all the teams makes it worthwhile.”

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Notes from the Saddle

Posted: October 2018

Team chasing is full of highs and lows, as this extract from Julie Slater's blog, Show Horse to Eventer reveals about South Pembrokeshire Massiv's experience in the Berkeley intermediate.

For the Berkeley team chase we had a slightly different line up as our regular and trusted leader, Gisella, had actually found something better to do than team chase that weekend can you believe.

As my preferred position was bringing up the rear, I certainly wasn’t keen to take on the much-coveted role of leader… far too much responsibility. Russell wasn’t keen on leading either as he was worried about tiger traps. Daisy, who is a brilliant rider on a really brave little mare had lost her nerve a bit and didn’t think Star would cope with the big hedges and Tim, Ges’s replacement, was, in our team captain’s own words ‘a bit wild but a good craic’.

First time I met him was at Worcester team chase, he was covered in mud after a fall … today he provided the port but was a bit non-committal on the leadership front. Basically, after having walked the course we were all secretly bricking it… but at least we had port.


Having stayed in Monmouth the night before I managed, for the first time ever to walk the course. To be honest, unless you have to lead, I can see distinct advantages in not walking the course…I can’t say it helped much and only seemed to wrack my nerves. From the ground the hedges looked MASSIVE, immovable and impossible to see over the other side. I’m guessing they were about 1 metre 40 and really wide, dense and full of black berries, sloes and thorns.

In the warm-up area, in the absence of anyone stepping up to position of leader, Russell and I tried to put together a rough plan for the whole course. We agreed that I would lead over the first fence… if I got there first… and we would jump the second fence, a sizeable hedge together. But we hardly stuck to one stick of this.

Suddenly, we were being ushered in. Dais suddenly realises there are no martingale stoppers on her reins…we could swap reins as I have two sets but then it’s too late…someone is telling us to go and in an instant we’re off. This is it, Frank. Please don’t let me down. Frank led over the first – and within seconds fence 2 looms into view. ‘Go on’ Frank I shout ‘go on’ but Frank is going anyway and pulls me into it. He sees the take off point, I shut my eyes and we’re airborne. Downhill then to the third, taking a pull on the steering strings and applying the brakes for the standalone palisade (fence 3). A curve to the left for the 4th, the second massive hedge, onto the road crossing.

Having been spurred on for these first few fences Frank is now galloping flat out. Quick flashback to last year when we competed here in the pairs in a snaffle. Thinking it was a good call to have chosen the American gag over the Cheltenham as I was already having a bit of brake failure.

I’m aware of Daisy now who is upsides on the wide open stretch to fence five, I have time to shorten the steering strings a bit but still going a bit too fast to look around to check on Russ and Tim. Although this is a team thing I’m afraid its everyman for himself most of the way round as survival is the real name of this game. By now Frank has come back to me and pops nicely over 5, which took us from one field to the next. Star is pulling now and Dais takes the lead in the approach to fence 6 – telegraph poles at the bottom of tricky hollow. Fence 7 was the third humongous hedge. Frank’s tucked in behind little Star. Aware of Daisy’s fears I prayed they wouldn’t stop as Frank is right up Star’s backside and hasn’t seen the fence. Well, what a gutsy mare and what a pair of stars these two are, as with huge effort Star lept over it and sped off up the hill to fence 9 – massive straw bales.

Russ and Tim have caught up now and being a bit late to the party show total disregard for course marker flags and cut me up to take up second and third places behind Dais. I’ve committed this sin myself, at Worcester, so i can understand how easily it is done. Russell, it seems, has had problems with the second hedge and fence 5 but is able to rejoin the team in the run up to the straw bales.

All of us managed to get over Fence 10 and 11 but Fox was foxed by the big hedge at 12 and Dais had tiger trap trouble at 13. I could see what was happening ahead and took evasive action which tested Frank’s agility. This kind of situation requires instant reactions and it’s not something you can plan or prepare for. Frank galloped then down to the island chaser hedge at 14. Onto fence 15, the 6th hedge, which has a bit of a ditch and I’m sure it was bigger and wider than all the rest. Trying to catch my breath now and feeling quite alone out there, Frank must sense this and he falters too. Clocking the ditch, he doesn’t quite get airborne enough to get over the hedge but jumps into it and somehow gets one of his lanky legs caught over the telegraph poles.

Anyway, Frank manages to pull himself out of the hedge and we try again. With all our effort combined we clear it and by now Tim is back. “What shall we do?” he asks wheeling round. “The others have pulled up… I think we’ve lost them.”

Knowing that there are more hedges ahead… bigger maybe even wider and one with a big drop. “Oh well, we may as well just carry on,” I said and so we did. The hedge at 16 was followed by a sharp hairpin turn over hedge 17 back into the field we had just left…oh, here comes another one, i thought and as we approach the ninth hedge (18) Tim screamed:  “You gotta kick on for this one…..there’s a big drop after.”.

Check out my face … Frank on the other hand is looking cool as a fairground horse on a carousel with camera face on and ears pricked.

Over a big tiger trap at 19 Tim and I then turned sharp left and managed to get eight legs in the pen which i think given the circumstances was pretty damn cool. We then raced over 22 and 23 into and out of a copse and straightened up for the homeward stretch. A neck and neck race to the final and 10th hedge and on to the uphill stretch to the finish. As Frank flies past the finish his bridle is in bits and my hat silk flies off. Well that was a bit woo flipping hoo. Phew.

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Grafton cancelled and Herfordshire moves to new date

Posted: Oct 2018

A Statement from the Grafton Team Chase:
The Grafton Hunt Team Chase committee have reluctantly, but unanimously, decided to cancel our Team Chase planned for Sunday 21st October. With the ground so hard, little rain in the forecast and the reduced grass cover this year we were concerned for the safety of horses and riders, always our paramount consideration. 

Those who have already entered will, of course, have their entry fees reimbursed.

We are very grateful to the landowners, sponsors and many helpers who had agreed to support us again this year and we will be in touch with them over the coming days. We would especially like to thank Skinners Pet Foods who sponsor the Open Qualifier Class for the 2019 National Team Chase Championship.

We have also spoken to British Team Chasing and looked at the possibility of postponing our event to either mid-November or the spring of next year. However, sadly, this has not proved possible. 

Thank you for your continued forbearance, and we can only assure you that we were as sad as you all to have to cancel such a popular and well supported event. We are still praying for rain, whenever it comes!

As a result of this cancellation, the Herefordshire team chase now moves to Sunday 21st October.

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Meynell Team Chase Cancelled

Posted: Sept 2018

A statement from Richard Parrott, chairman of the Meynell Team Chase committee:

Following a meeting this evening, we have with great reluctance decided to cancel the Meynell and South Staffordshire 2018 Team Chase.

Ground conditions at Booth Hay have not improved, even after the recent rainfall and with little rain in prospect over the next fourteen days; we have decided that it would be unsafe to both horses and riders to run the event.
This decision was not taken lightly, especially after so much hard work had already been undertaken in preparing the course and we had attracted a record sponsorship figure.

On a more positive note, we already have plans to continue to develop the course for the 2019 Team Chase, when we hope conditions will prove more favourable.

Finally may I take this opportunity of thanking all those that have put in such a large amount of preparation work and also the Landowners at Booth Hay who have been most understanding of this very difficult decision.

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Skinners Pet Foods Teams up for 2019

Posted: August 2018

British Team Chasing is delighted to confirm that Skinners Pet Foods is the sponsor of the 2019 National Team Chase Championship, to be held at the Fernie Team Chase in the spring, as well as all 12 Open Qualifiers in the 2018-19 season.

Skinner’s Pet Foods is a manufacturer of premium quality dog food from their Suffolk mill using natural ingredients. Stocked in independent pet shops, country stores and agricultural merchants, rather than supermarkets, Skinner’s has a national platform with which to develop quality pet nutrition. It is the fourth season that the company has supported British Team Chasing.

After competitors enjoy a welcome warm-up in novice and intermediate classes at the Belvoir Team Chase on 9th September, Open Qualifiers begin at the Atherstone Team Chase on 16th September and then continue across the country until the Essex and Suffolk event on 4th November. The spring season begins in March 2019, with the finals at the Fernie in Leicestershire, provisionally set for Sunday 31st March.

Team chasing is regarded as the ultimate equestrian adrenalin sport, but is also renowned for its exceptional camaraderie amongst competitors, and is ideal for all horses from newcomers to cross country to retrained racehorses enjoying a second career.

For more information, event dates and schedules visit

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Warwickshire Team Chase Cancelled

Posted: August 2018

The Warwickshire Team Chase, due to be held on Sunday 2nd September, has sadly been cancelled. 

Statement from the organisers:
As a result of the extremes of weather that we suffered last winter and have endured this summer, the ground has taken an absolute battering. Despite being really good reliable old turf, the drought has really sapped all life out of the course and caused large holes and cracks to appear in front of the hedges and sporadically around the whole track.

The safety of the competitors and their horses as well as our established reputation was all considered during our committee meeting and we discussed at length the different options we had. It was decided unanimously that it would just not be safe to run the event this year. The committee members at the meeting all agreed to cancel the event rather than postpone it as there is not another suitable date in the autumn team chasing calendar for us to move to this year and the course at Watergall is not available during spring due to lambing and calving. 

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British Team Chasings 2018 Conference

Posted: July 2018

Team Chasing’s National Conference will take place on Thursday 2nd August at Stratford Racecourse, Luddington Road, Stratford-upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 9SE, commencing at 11am.

Come and join us at Stratford Racecourse for a celebration of Team Chasing, and take in a sumptuous lunch with like-minded friends and colleagues, to be followed by an afternoon of Summer Jump racing with full use of a private viewing facility. Prior booking is essential, as spaces are limited.

The National Conference is a unique opportunity to hear the latest news and developments in the sport from your representatives on the National Committee, and then to take part in a wide-ranging discussion to explore the future of the sport. The conference provides the opportunity for everyone with an interest in Team Chasing to meet up with the National Committee who oversee the sport and also to meet other event organisers, course designers, team mates and competitors.

There are two options for delegates:

  • Either, to attend the Conference alone (for which no charge will be made),
  • Or, to stay on conclusion of the Conference to enjoy the gathering of like-minded individuals – which will include a delicious buffet lunch and an afternoon of summer jump racing with access to our own private room throughout the race meeting, with a cash bar. (This option will cost £35 per head to include lunch and racing).

The organisers aim to provide the opportunity for team chasing enthusiasts to enjoy the day and plan for the new season ahead! However no admittance will be possible on the day (for either option) without prior booking in advance.

Costs for delegates’ attendance at the National Conference alone will be covered by the National Committee; costs for attending the Conference, with subsequent lunch and racing are being subsidised by the National Committee.

Please make payments in advance to confirm your place - to the “MFHA Team Chase” account, No 30302414, Sort Code 20-84-58 reference ‘TC conference’ by not later than 9pm on Saturday 28th July.

Programme for the day:
11am                     All Delegates to arrive. Parking in normal racecourse car parks (free of charge). Gather in The Paddock Pavilion. Tea / Coffee and biscuits on arrival.  
11.15am               Annual Conference
Presentation by National Chairman, Philip Cowen
followed by open discussion forum focussing on pre-determined topics.
1pm                       Conference concludes.
1.15pm                 Lunch, for those staying for the afternoon’s racing.
1.30pm                 First race. The private bay of The Paddock Pavilion will be available for our exclusive use throughout the afternoon’s racing, with a pay bar throughout lunch and the afternoon.
4.55pm                 Last race. Day concludes.         
In order to provide some structure to the Open Forum discussion, the organising team are inviting questions in advance which will form the basis of the subsequent discussion. Please include any questions that you may have when replying on the attached form. For anyone who is not able to attend the day, but wishes to raise a specific query, please also use the attached form to submit your queries or discussion points, and feedback will follow after the event.

To secure your place at Team Chasing Annual Conference, prior bookings are mandatory. Please complete the Reply form below and return e-mail to  by not later than 9pm on Saturday 28th July 2018 along with any questions you wish to raise to reserve your place.


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Retrained Racehorses Top Performers at Team Chase Finals

Posted: April 2018

Wishful Thinkers Too were crowned the 2018 Skinner’s Pet Foods National Champions at the Fernie team chase, with retrained racehorses featuring strongly in the leading teams.

A thrilling round by Wishful Thinkers Too Simon Coady, Maurice Lenahan, Larry Brown and Anne Mackley snatched victory from defending champions Relentless by just 4sec.

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) registered horses in the top three teams received generous cash prizes. Wishful Thinkers’ Larry Brown collected a £500 cheque for Musical Wedge, his 14 year-old chestnut gelding by Sir Harry Lewis which ran 49 times under rules. Since taking over the ride, Larry has been successful in hunt races, winning the intermediate section at the Heythrop’s Daylesford event and the military prize at the Yeomanry Ride before being placed in the Golden Button and Wynnstay rides. Musical Wedge also rose quickly through the team chasing ranks, completing his first open in October 2017.

In the second placed Relentless squad, Belinda Walkinshaw’s Chalford and Ollie Finnegan’s Rivage d’Or each received £250.

Chalford, a 13 year-old gelding by Compton Place ran in point-to-points and on the all-weather. He too, started team chasing this season and has been successfully partnered by former jockeys Dickie Barrett, Matt Mackley and young point to point rider Joe Hill.

Rivage D’or, a 13 year-old gelding by Visionary won the cross country race at the Cheltenham Festival in 2015 when owned by Gigginstown House Stud. He and Ollie were part of the winning team in 2017 and have also successfully competed in hunt races.

Third placed Fox Grant Dot Com also featured two ROR registered horses winning £100 each.

Yvonne Goss’s Unitlla Legend continues to live up to his name, having won the Golden Button this year and also competes in hunt relays and show jumping. The home bred 10 year-old by Midnight Legend ran once under rules, but didn’t take to racing, clearly much preferring his more varied workload these days.

Will Grant’s Skipper Robin, a 12 year-old gelding by Loup Solitaire ran nine times, and also enjoys a highly varied career competing in disciplines from RoR showing to relays and hunt rides.

RoR was also the title sponsor of the competitive intermediate class, in which Eternal Optimists triumphed, with Lizelle Terblanche Brown receiving a logo jacket for the leading RoR horse in the team, Enlightenment.


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Wishful Thinking wins the Skinner's spoils

Posted: April 2018

Wishful Thinkers Too are the 2018 Skinner’s Pet Foods National Champions.

A thrilling round by Simon Coady, Maurice Lenahan, Larry Brown and Anne Mackley snatched victory from defending champions Relentless by just 4sec.

It was a dramatic championship, with the event itself at the Fernie Team Chase salvaged from the atrocious spring weather by a superhuman effort from the organisers.

Relentless looked to have it in the bag with a textbook round until Ollie Finnegan tipped off close to home and Simon Coady had to ride hard to make up ground on Rowan Cope and Matt Mackley.

The new champions also had their moments, losing Anne Mackley early on after her stirrup broke and then requiring some serious teamwork to ensure they had ’12 hooves in the pen’. But their exceptional lines to the fences and unwavering pace in deteriorating conditions secured victory.

There was bad luck along the way for Fox Grant Dot Com after a duck out before the water scuppered their chances, while Team Rideaway also suffered some interference from their loose horse after an unseating.

Along with the generous prize fund from Skinner’s Pet Foods (plus goodie bags of delicious treats for competitors’ dogs) there were aslo cash prizes for the highest placed Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) registered horses. Wishful Thinkers’ Larry Brown collected a £500 cheque for Musical Wedge, while prizes also went to Chalford and Rivage d’Or from Relentless and Untilla Legend and Skipper Robin from Fox Grant Dot Com.

The Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship class attracted 16 starters, and perhaps the biggest success of the day was the unique spirit of team chasing which prevailed against all the odds to provide a fantastic day’s sport.

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Posted: April 2018

The 3 courses have all stood up to the excessive quantities of rain which fell last weekend and in the early part of this week. The vehicle parks remain very wet in places and should the event proceed, they will carry a reduced capacity for horseboxes, trailers and cars. Furthermore following a further dry day on Friday, the weather forecast for South Leicestershire during Saturday and Sunday is both variable and unpredictable, particularly during Saturday morning when heavy but intermittent ‘April Showers’ are currently predicted for the region.
Whilst the ground can take a small amount of additional rain, persistent or excessive further quantities of rain will result in a late cancellation. We very much regret that this could happen at any time on either Saturday or early on Sunday morning. In effect we are in the lap of the Gods on that particular but key point.
In the light of this situation, and given the many other factors which are relevant to the current circumstances, the organising committee have concluded that at this stage we will continue with preparations to run the event on Sunday 8th April, but on the basis whereby:

  • With much regret we have decided to cancel the UK Hunt Team Chase class altogether. Therefore this class will not go ahead even if the event does proceed, and entry fees for those teams that remain on the entry sheets as of this morning will be refunded in full.
  • Separately, where any team wishes to withdraw their entry from any of the other 3 classes (Novice, Intermediate and Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship), they may do so prior to 8pm this evening (Friday 6th April). Such team withdrawal will be accepted on the same basis as detailed earlier in the week whereby entry fees will be refunded less a 20% deduction. To withdraw a team, the team captain must send a confirmatory email to to arrive before the deadline.
  • No further team withdrawal’s will be accepted after a strict deadline of 8pm on Friday 6th April.
  • The running times for all remaining teams will be posted in the usual place on by 11am on Saturday 7th April. The teams will remain in a similar running order to that envisaged for Sunday 1st April and the classes will commence at about:

Welland Valley Feeds Novice                                      9.15am
Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship        12 noon
RoR Fernie Intermediate                                              2.40pm

It will be important for all teams to allow plenty of extra time ahead of their published start time, not least as a detailed traffic management plan will be put in place to gain access to and egress from the course and car parks.

  • In the event that there is considerable rain on Saturday, or through a combination of Saturday and that forecast for Sunday, it remains possible that the event will not be able to proceed at a late stage either for reasons of safety or due to ground conditions – and consequently we will have no option but to cancel at a late stage.

Whilst the organisers will endeavour to take final decisions at the earliest opportunity, we have to remain flexible to the highly unpredictable conditions which are currently being experienced. We hope to be in a position to make a final decision where significant rain does occur in the meantime by not later than 5pm on Saturday 7th April, but would urge all competitors and spectators to keep a close eye on relevant social media accounts. Any alterations to the details set out herein will be posted as widely as possible at the time.

For clarity, should the Team Chase ultimately have to be cancelled despite all of our best efforts, the same conditions will be adhered to as were published to Team Captains at the point when the postponement was announced. Therefore those teams that remain entered in all classes after friday evening’s 8pm deadline will be refunded their entry fee less a 35% deduction to assist with abandonment costs. Such payments will be made within 14 days of Sunday 8th April.

  • The courses will be available to be walked from 9am on Saturday morning, 7th April – on the assumption that no further announcements have been made by then. Please park on the roadside and walk over the hill to get to the courses.

The organisers are immensely grateful for everyone’s understanding and goodwill in all the circumstances. The conditions which have been encountered in the last 7 to 10 day’s are unprecedented, and remain highly unpredictable even at this late stage. We are particularly grateful to the many volunteers and services who have committed extra time in all the circumstances.
To run an event such as this properly and efficiently, significant costs have to be incurred up-front to ensure that the event is run safely and satisfactorily. Those costs far outweigh the total income which is received from team entries. Consequently our plans and preparations have to take account of the potential financial burden which could otherwise be incurred should matters ultimately run against us despite our best endeavours, sound judgement and hopefully a degree of luck.
We trust that this clearly sets out our approach to the administrative processes which will be followed over the next few days.
However where there are any specific queries, please:

  • Email for matters relating to team entries
  • Call either 07887 838231 or 07802 814670 for all other matters.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

The Fernie Team Chase Committee
Friday 6th April 2018

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Spring Update

Posted: April 2018
Due to the inclement weather this spring, the team chase programme has been amended.
The Fernie Team Chase and Skinner's Pet Foods National Championship has been rescheduled for Sunday 8th April.
The Worcestershire Team Chase, originally due to be held on 8th April has a new date of Sunday 29th April.
Sadly, the Avon Vale Team Chase, due to be held on Sunday 15th April has been abandoned as organisers have been unable to get onto the land to prepare the course.
Along with the Beaufort Team Chase, due to have been held in March, it will run in spring 2019.

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Fernie Cancelled

Posted: March 2018
Following more than an inch of further rain overnight, sadly the Fernie Team Chase and Skinner's Pet Foods National Team Championship WILL NOT GO AHEAD on Easter Sunday. The ground has become waterlogged overnight, as shown in the attached photos, and despite better conditions today it will not recover in time for the event to be run this weekend. However we are investigating the considerable possibility of re-arranging the day to next Sunday, 8th April, and hope to be able to do so. However it is unlikely to be possible to provide a final confirmation on that possibility until early next week and we will remain subject to the current vagaries of the British weather. A further detailed statement in respect of event postponement and cancellation arrangements will be issued to all Team Captains by email. The Worcestershire Team Chase has now also been postponed from Sunday 8th April (due to wet ground as well) and the organisers of that event are looking at options for staging their day later in April. Further information will follow. The organising team at the Fernie are immensely grateful to our landowner and farmers, all officials, helpers, and their sponsors, traders and other commercial supporters of the event for the goodwill and encouragement which has been passed on this morning. In all other respects we are ready to run the day – let us hope that we have a good deal more luck this week.

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Retraining of Racehorses renews Team Chasing support

Posted: March 2018

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) has renewed its commitment to team chasing with generous sponsorship at national level and of spring events.

Retrained racehorses are well suited to team chasing and have been highly successful in the sport, regularly featuring in the roll of honour at the National Championship.

RoR has a retraining centre and major exhibition at the National Horseracing Museum in Newmarket and team chasing is very proud to be included in this with photographs of Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Denman, ridden by Team Ride-Away’s Charlotte Alexander, and of Yvonne Goss’s Haxton as part of the display.

RoR to award cash prizes to competitors on RoR qualified horses in the Skinners Pet Foods National Championship class to be held at the Fernie Team Chase on Sunday 1st April. This will comprise of £500 to each RoR Competition-registered horse in the winning team; £250 for the second placed team and £100 to the third placed team.

RoR is also the sponsor of the Intermediate Class at the Fernie event.

In addition, competitors with RoR-registered horses can also win RoR embossed jackets in both the Fernie Intermediate and the Worcestershire Intermediate classes this year. Vouchers for these sought-after jackets are being awarded to the riders of RoR Competition-registered horses in the highest placed team in the intermediate at both events.  

For more information about RoR, to register your horse or check registration details visit

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Posted: March 2018
The Beaufort Team Chase, rescheduled for today has unfortunately been cancelled as heavy rain on Friday night meant that course conditions deteriorated and emergency vehicles are unable to gain access.

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Posted: March 2018

The Skinner’s Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship 2018 will be held at the Fernie Team Chase at Tur Langton, near Market Harborough in Leicestershire on Easter Sunday 1st April commencing at about 12 noon.
With only 14 teams having qualified for the Championship in the relevant period since April 2017 the governing body of the sport, British Team Chasing, has concluded that it is appropriate to award up to 5 additional qualification Wild Cards to teams who wish to take part in the 2018 Championship. The lower than usual number of qualified teams is at least in part due to the National Championship taking place earlier in the Spring calendar of events than has been the case in the last few seasons – thereby effectively meaning that Open teams were only able to qualify at Autumn 2017 events. It was not possible for sufficient numbers of teams to achieve that qualification mark in the time that was available.

The National Committee of the sport has concluded that any team who wishes to secure one of the 5 available qualification Wild Cards should submit full details of their team and its recent record to a sub-panel for consideration. Applications must be received by not later than 12 noon on Tuesday 20th March, and should be sent to All applications will be acknowledged by 7pm on that day and the sub-panel’s decision as to the recipients of the qualification Wild Card will be confirmed by the end of Thursday 22nd March.
To be eligible for consideration by the panel, a team captain’s submission should contain the following information about his team:

  1. Confirmation of the names of the 4 proposed individuals and their horses for the suggested team, together with the team name.
  2. Confirmation of the team’s record at Intermediate and Open level in the last 2 seasons (since 1st September 2016).
  3. Confirmation as to when the relevant group of riders have ridden with the team in the past 2 seasons, at either Intermediate or Open level.
  4. Confirmation as to the extent of all relevant fitness work which a team and its component members may have undertaken prior to the application being submitted.
  5. Any other relevant information for the purposes of the assessment criteria detailed below.

In assessing the eligibility of teams for the Wild Cards, the panel will take into account all relevant factors which are known to it including the team’s record at Team Chases in recent seasons, together with the component member’s record at Team Chases and their eligibility to ride with that team. Consideration will also be given to special circumstances, including any benefits which may accrue from the inclusion of any particular team in the competition on the day. The panel will need to be fully satisfied that all members of the proposed team are fully competent and capable of competing in the National Championship and that sufficient fitness work has been undertaken in advance of the application being submitted.

The sub-panel who are to consider any applications which are received has been confirmed as Philip Cowen (Chairman, British Team Chasing), Reg Hopkins, Paul Scott and Rosie Vestey (all BTC Committee members).

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First Arena Team Chase

Posted: March 2018

LandS Eventing hosted a fantastic warm up event for the spring season at Dallas Burston's Super Arena in Warwickshire on 11th March. A massive 38 teams that took part, including lots of new faces and some of the leading teams who travelled from as far away as Yorkshire, Wales and Somerset. Congratulations to winners Barford Bubble Bunch, including nine year-old Harry Dawes. As it was Mothers' Day, we couldn't forget the mums of the winning team, so they were awarded with Foxdenton Dutch Courage gin - the official tipple of team chasing! Official photographer was First Class Images, and this is a video taken by MyRobotCam using a Soloshot camera. Thanks to all the riders who agreed to be guinea pigs for this new technology!

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Team Chasers Dominate Cross Country Challenge

Posted: Feb 2018

Team chasers performed spectacularly at the Golden Button Challenge, a traditional steeplechase over more than three miles run in the Ledbury country on 10th February, filling most of the top 20 places.
Yvonne Goss, of 2014 national champions Fox Grant Thrusters had a ding-dong battle with Rowan Cope of current title holders Relentless from the start, eventually prevailing over the final two fences. Both were on their team chasers, Untilla Legend (Jaffa) and Better Hand (Arthur) respectively.
In third was Peter Bull who had travelled up from the Mid Surrey Draghounds and is a member of the Boring Gorings.

Also prominent in the challenge, for which there were 45 starters, were Berkeley Balls' Hector Baker in 5th, Larry Brown (Hair Raisers, 7th), Lucas Lingham (Berkeley Balls, 9th), Nim Spalding (Team Ride Away,10th), Nelson Rowe (Berkeley R Us,12th) Sammy Ward (Worcestershire Awesome Foursome, 13th) and Harry Hutton (Cunning Stunts,18th). 

Yvonne commented: “Rowan was with me all the way and we had the most amazing ride, but when his horse got his head in front, Jaffa was not having it! He is an amazing horse and finished so well.”

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Lycetts announced as Beaufort Team Chase sponsor

Posted: Feb 2018

February 5 2018 – Leading equine and bloodstock insurance broker Lycetts has agreed to become a key sponsor of the Beaufort Hunt Supporters Club Team Chase which is returning to the spring calendar in Sherston after a 35-year absence.

The three-year deal will see Lycetts sponsor the Intermediate Class, the feature event of the day.

“Team chasing is the most wonderful and exhilarating of sports and we’re thrilled to be supporting Beaufort Hunt Supporters Club in bringing this fixture back to the spectacular Beaufort Saturday country,” said Lycetts Equine Insurance specialist Charlotte Alexander.

“Adding this exciting event to Lycetts’ extensive sponsorship portfolio presents further opportunities to reach new customers and to meet with existing clients.”

Alexander, herself a Lycetts-sponsored jockey, will have three rides in the Intermediate Class – one being the legendary seven-time Grade 1 winner and former Paul Nicholls-trained Silviniaco Conti.

Lottie Bostock, event organiser at Beaufort Hunt Supporters Club, added: “We’re delighted to have Lycetts on board. Team chasing is in the ascendency and I’m sure this sponsorship will prove mutually rewarding.”

The Beaufort Team Chase, which will also run a Novice Speed and Bogey Class as well as a Hunter Trial, will take place in Sherston, Wiltshire, on Sunday March 18.


For media information, please contact Anthony Andrew or Connor Murphy at Cameron Wells Communications on 0161 973 4158 or email

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Get your eye in with a new take on team chasing

Posted: Jan 2018

Get set to go team chasing with a brand new, unique warm-up class to be held on Sunday 11th March at LandS Eventing, Dallas Burston Polo Club, near Southam, Warwickshire.

We are inviting teams of three to take part in an optimum time arena team chase, giving you the chance to perfect team tactics, jump a course as a team and best of all, have some pre-season fun with your team mates.

The event will take place in the unique Super Arena at Dallas Burston, which at 2.4 acres is the size of a polo pitch, giving plenty of room for teams to tackle the 1000m course of inviting cross-country style fences. There will be accuracy questions plus a pen, so it’s a great opportunity to practice techniques and school young horses. The fibresand surface provides perfect going in all weathers for moving and turning at speed, proven in the arena’s ‘day job’ of polo!
This class is being hosted by LandS Eventing which has pioneered a hugely popular series of arena eventing and arena cross-country events, and also builds the course at the Warwickshire team chase. There will also be opportunities to take part in pairs and individual arena cross country classes on the day.

Judged on an optimum time, teams will be scored on the time of the second rider to get home and rules will be similar to team chasing. The aim is to get horses round and have an enjoyable experience which sets us up for the season ahead!

Dallas Burston is a fantastic venue for spectators with a snack bar and ringside pub, so we also hope this will be a great get together for team chasers. Schedules will be published soon at and and entries will be via Horse Events., limited to 20 teams in this first year, so don’t miss out!

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Spring Team Chasing Dates 2018

Posted: Jan 2018

The dates for the spring 2018 team chasing season have now been finalised. We kick off with a new event organised by the Duke of Beaufort’s, which will run with novice and intermediate classes in the first year.

18th March: Beaufort, Sherston, Wilts
1st April: Fernie, Tur Langton, Leicestershire (Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship)
8th April: Worcestershire, Bromsgrove, West Midlands
15th April: Avon Vale, Bromham, Wilts

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The Skinners Pet Foods National Team Chasing Championship

Posted: Dec 2017

The Skinners Pet Foods National Team Chasing Championship will be held at the Fernie Team Chase on Sunday 1st April 2018. The full spring calendar will be published shortly.

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Relentless & Eternal Optimists head league tables

Posted: Oct 2017

Relentless were crowned British Team Chasing Open League Champions at the Cotswold Team Chase. They won on five of their starts, including at the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship, and were able to clinch the title despite not running at the Cotswold due to a lack of horsepower.

Rowan Cope who along with Simon Coady provided the strong lead needed to conquer some of the most awesome tracks on the circuit commented:
“We’ve got some very good horses that are absolutely flying but it is difficult when you get injuries or riders have other commitments.”

Runners-up Team Rideaway 1 challenged them all season, despite also being beset by injuries, including captain Stephen Clark who lost part of his thumb in a pre-season schooling fall, but finished the season with great rounds at the Grafton and Cotswold, as well as a win at the Atherstone.

The Foxdenton Intermediate League was dominated by teams from the Wishful Thinkers stable, with the Eternal Optimists winning no less than six events, and Hope Springs Eternal making a late flourish with wins at the Grafton and Cotswold for the runner-up slot.

“We kept a team of reserves, in Hope and Glory (joint fifth in the league) which allowed horses and riders to develop in confidence ready to upgrade to the faster teams,” commented captain Simon Coady. “Partnerships like Sara Cork and King Koda who started out in intermediates have proved themselves and gone on to success in the open classes.”

The first four teams in the Foxdenton Intermediate League were rewarded with bottles of the coveted Dutch Courage sloe gin.

Relentless: l-r Victoria Ricketts and Belinda Walkinshaw (representing Rowan Cope and Dickie Barrett), Matt Mackley and Simon Coady.

Eternal Optimists: Foxdenton Estate Company's Nick Radclyffe, Simon Coady, Sharon Robbins, Anne Mackley, Ed Chamberlain

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Galloping into the opens

Posted: Sept 2017

Team Rideaway’s Lindsay Harrison gives a rider’s eye view of the Belvoir team chase

Although lots of lucky people enjoyed a spin at the Warwickshire a fortnight ago, for a fair few of us the Belvoir was the first run of the season. You can always rely on Garthorpe for lovely hedges to ease you back into the swing of it. Nice and big, but not quite full-up meaty open big. The course was the same as the last few years – which was a definite bonus for those of us trying to walk and memorise several courses at once – and with a decent drop of rain having fallen over the previous week the ground was pretty much perfect. The stage was set for some pretty serious competition!

But first the 'Fun' novice class. I use the word 'fun' advisedly. As a seasoned open competitor I really can't remember the last time I even looked at a novice course, let alone jumped one, but after a last minute appeal from HQ I agreed to bring a very green TB mare to fill an empty slot on Team Rideaway 2. For someone who can walk open tracks and barely blink, frankly the fun class looked terrifying! We have a team of very green horses, but luckily we had two of the best jockeys in the business, Joe Stephenson and Simon Coady up front and all four jumped round confidently to secure second place and some very nice prizes.

On to the main event and our team, Team Rideaway 4, were drawn second to go. After the first team out came to grief at the switchback hedges at the top of the course we were soon being counted down and galloping to the first. Joe Stephenson, riding team-boss Stephen Clark's Slim, set a blistering pace in front, matched by Helen Day and Nim Spalding on their experienced horses. I took my usual spot in fourth, and all went pretty much perfectly until I met the second switchback hedge at too ambitious an angle and had to take a turn to make it to the next. The three in front continued at the same scorching pace, while I did my best to stay in touch. That mistake aside, it was a fast, slick round, especially from the three up front, and having set the bar we could do nothing more but sit back and watch the other teams take up the gauntlet.

After nervously watching some impressive rounds from Relentless, Team Rideaway 3, The Eternal Optimists and Fox Grant Dot Com, amongst others, we were all in the dark as to the outcome. In the end it was almost too tight to call, with our team, Team Rideaway 4, taking the win over Relentless by 0.8 of a second. Only 5 seconds separated first place and fourth!

After a celebratory drink the weather turned decidedly autumnal, and with the wind starting to whip up some pretty sharp showers, we decided to make a run for home. Although not before watching my old team the Dapper Dobbins Hedge Hoppers deny Team Rideaway 1 a win in the Novice Speed class by a whopping 25 second margin.

A huge thanks again to the Belvoir Hunt, the generous sponsors, and all the volunteers who make our fun possible. It is always a real treat coming to Garthorpe. Roll on next week, and the first of the open qualifiers – I can't wait to attack those big bold Atherstone hedges!

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Warwickshire gets new season off to a scorcher

Posted: August 2017

Unseasonably glorious bank holiday weather greeted competitors at the Warwickshire Team Chase, the first event of the eagerly anticipated autumn season.

Photo Courtesy of PC Images

Farming operations meant that the central field at Watergall –where the pen is usually sited – was unavailable, but Lloyd Hunt, Bob Pugh and Keith Arnold did a great job of devising a new track, which took teams across the hill after the water to a new pen and back down to the finish over two lovely point-to-point fences borrowed from Mollington racecourse to the finish.

The North Cotswold Construction-sponsored intermediate was the highlight of the day for spectators with many of the leading open teams getting a great warm up for the battles ahead.

Fox Grant Dot Com were impressive from the off, reaching the first snaking line of hedges in no time and cracking on across the back of the course. Always tightly bunched, they breezed through the pen before a rousing gallop to the finish, to win by some 16sec.

“It feels great to have gone that well this early on,” said Fox Grant Dot Com’s Phil Nicholls. “We were always together and working as a team.”

Eternal Optimists ran them closest with a great round from last draw, and captain Simon Coady, absent on holiday, should be proud of his supersubs.

Team Ride Away II took third slot fter some frantic juggling with captain Stephen Clark out injured, and Relentless debuted some new horses in fourth place, with Joe Hill stepping in at the last minute after Dickie Barrett also incurred an injury.

Odds and Scotts were victorious in a competitive novice speed class, with Warwickshire Treasures taking the bogey time equivalent.

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Exciting new website for Team Chasing!

Posted: July 2017

Exciting news! We're revamping the British Team Chasing website to make it more mobile friendly and we will also be able to highlight news and important updates more easily so that you never miss a thing!

One of the first jobs is to update the team profiles pages, so that spectators can follow their favourite teams more easily. We want to make them a bit shorter and snappier, so starting with the open teams, can you send up to date details - name of the team captain, team colours, any sponsors' details, most notable successes and one fun fact about your team. Email to

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ROR Continues Team Chasing Support

Posted: March 2017

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) is once again generously supporting team chasing this spring.

Retrained racehorses are well suited to team chasing and have been highly successful in the sport; at the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship 2016, all four horses in the winning Team Ride-Away were retrained racehorses.

RoR has a retraining centre and major exhibition at the new National Horseracing Museum in Newmarket and team chasing is very proud to be included in this with photographs of Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Denman, ridden by Team Ride-Away’s Charlotte Alexander, and of Yvonne Goss’s Haxton as part of the display.

At the Fernie team chase on 2nd April, RoR donates Voucher Prizes in kind, to all competitors in the RoR intermediate class riding a RoR registered horse running under its former racing name, subject to the team successfully registering a time in the competition.

And at the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship at the Heythrop on Saturday 15th April, RoR offers cash prizes to the highest placed RoR registered horses in the championship class.

These are: £500 and a rug to horses in the winning team, £250 in the second placed team and £100 in the third placed team.

To be eligible for the special prizes at both events, horses must be registered with RoR on its new database, including those that have been previously registered.

Visit for details

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Posted: March 2017


Foxdenton Gin is to extend its support of British Team Chasing with the acquisition of the Intermediate League, the sport’s premier points-based performance league for rising stars. The brand will add this to its popular “Ride of the Week” award, which has rewarded the outstanding riding performance of the day.

“This is an entertaining way for us to reach country folk who enjoy our unique flavoured gins in an engaging way,” commented Nick Radclyffe, Managing Director of the Foxdenton Estate, which manufactures the gins. “Our market is hunting and shooting folk, and we meet plenty of our existing customers and as many new ones through events of this nature. The team chasing crowd is very enthusiastic, and our Dutch Courage own label for them has gone down a storm!”

The League rewards the winning team with a prize of £400, with prize money down to 5th place.

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Review of the Year

Posted: Dec 2016

2016 was a superb year for team chasing which has continued to grow in popularity and quality with exceptional horsemanship and spectacular ability from the horses themselves shown at all levels.

We welcomed a portfolio of new sponsors to team chasing with all roads leading to the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship. Equestrian travel specialists Ride World Wide came on board to support the hotly contested intermediate league, and Foxdenton Gin gave us hours of fun spotting the thrills and spills that lead to the award of the Dutch Courage bottle.

The British weather did its best to spoil our fun in the spring, forcing the cancellation of the Taunton Vale and postponement of the Worcestershire. Team chasing rallied, with the Taunton Vale hosting a much-enjoyed warm up event in the form of the Skinner’s team relay in Pontispool’s fabulous arena, and the Worcestershire ran its best event yet at Upton Warren, with a huge crowd enjoying the thrills and spills and the Shaw family’s warm hospitality.

At the Berks and Bucks, teams tackled the Balding family’s unique horseshoe shaped course, while the heavy rain before the Avon Vale tested riders’ ability to ‘hunt’ their horses round for success.

The Fernie hung in the balance after yet more rain but a spectacular effort by the organising committee and a vote of faith by competitors – Facebook messages going backwards and forwards “Is it on?” “Yes (fingers crossed)” – made it the usual fabulous event.

Once again our faith was tested as the Heythrop was forced to postpone the Championship, no less, and then the infamous hedges at Little Compton tested the competitors still further, with only the boldest in the prizes.

It was a well-deserved victory in the Skinner’s National Championship for Team Ride Away who have plugged away over several seasons to reach the sport’s pinnacle, mainly on retrained racehorses, supporting every event no matter how far from their diverse home bases. Their round was a masterclass in team work, judgement of pace and spectacular leaps and turns which were much appreciated by the large crowd.

One of the ironies of the team chasing season is that much as we are plagued by rain in the spring, we spend most of the autumn season praying for it.

Firm going persisted throughout but we still saw some fabulous sport, with the Bicester, Grafton and Cotswold attracting huge entries and spectator numbers.

The stiff intermediate tracks at the Warwickshire and the Belvoir provided the perfect introduction for the season’s future equine stars and it was great to see former multiple champions Relentless back in action with some new steeds.

The Berkeley is now becoming established with its updated course and provides wonderful sport, while the Atherstone, Pytchley and Meynell are real old school team chasing with massive hedges that make for great jumping.

Competition for the team chasing leagues reached fever pitch at the Cotswold where the Ride World Wide intermediate league was won emphatically by the Eternal Optimists, a division of the Wishful Thinkers who have produced some of the most exciting rounds ever seen in this competition.

Team Ride Away crowned a brilliant year by taking the British Team Chasing open league, but were pushed all the way by Fox Grant Thrusters and the Boring Gorings.

There was a sad note in the following week when we lost two great supporters of the sport, the Cotswold’s Mark Vestey and Sarah Stafford, but the success of the event is their great legacy.

The rain finally made an appearance right in the middle of the Essex and Suffolk event, making this challenging track even tougher, and fittingly Team Ride Away took the spoils.

We look forward to 2017 with great anticipation and hope you will join us in the ultimate equestrian extreme sport!

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Mark Vestey & Sarah Stafford

Posted: Nov 2016

It is with immense sadness and regret that we have to report the loss of two of Team Chasing’s greatest supporters, following the sudden and untimely deaths of Mark Vestey and Sarah Stafford within two days of each other at the end of last week. Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with both families at this desperately sad time for them.

Both Mark and Sarah have played a huge part in the growth and success of Team Chasing for many years, whether on the national front or on their own turf in the Cotswolds. Just a few days prior to their respective passing, both Mark and Sarah fulfilled their usual longstanding roles at the Cotswold Team Chase at Foxcote with all their usual efficiency, enthusiasm and friendliness.

The Hon Mark Vestey hosted the Cotswold Team Chase on his estate at Foxcote, near Andoversford for a great many years and he and his wife Rosie, the event Chairman and a member of the National Team Chasing Committee, have developed a thriving day’s sport which has become immensely popular with both competitors and spectators alike. It has become an annual highlight in the Team Chasing calendar and more particularly one of the highlights of the social calendar in the Cotswolds, always being held on the last weekend in October during half term. Mark acted as the Chairman of the Ground Jury at the event in every year that it took place. He and Rosie became the perfect hosts for the sport’s Autumn highlight – with immense generosity, charm and enthusiasm in so many different ways. Whether acting as host, as occasional sponsor, as Team chef d’equipe or as President of the Ground Jury he always found time for a discussion, and time to enjoy both the company and the spectacle for what it had become. 

Mark, who was a talented polo player and former chairman of the Hurlingham Polo Association, was also a keen racing and hunting enthusiast. His sporting instinct was always uppermost in his mind, not least as an immensely encouraging supporter of the Foxcote Team Chase squads who appeared at events throughout the UK in the late 90’s and early 2000’s – usually running under the badge of The Bitch Pack and/or The Mixed Pack - and regularly including at least one or more of his close but very sporting family. Mark could always be found enjoying their exploits from the seat of his quad bike, having been injured in a hunting accident in 1984. He was a remarkable individual, and a great friend to many of us, who displayed incredible strength and fortitude following his hunting accident but with never a murmur of complaint or upset. His big cheerful smile has lit up so many team chasing occasions in the last 20 years that it seems impossible to imagine that he is no longer with us.

Sarah Stafford, a long-standing former joint master of the Cotswold Hunt, was the course designer at the Cotswold Team Chase for an equally long period of time as Mark had held his post, and she was also one of the leading members of the organising committee at the event right up to her death. She was a regular member of The Bitch Pack Team Chase squad, with a fearsome (and indeed fearless) reputation when riding across country. She also ran a very successful equine and human physiotherapy business, and was both secretary of the Cotswold point-to-point and a very successful trainer of point-to-point horses in her own right. She made a huge contribution to hunting, team chasing and point-to-pointing throughout her life, and will be long remembered for her immensely unselfish but determined and ultimately very successful approach.

Mark and Sarah were immense supporters of Team Chasing, the Cotswold Hunt and the Country Sports community at large and their loss will leave a gaping void in so many different ways. Our deepest thoughts are with Mark’s wife, Rosie, and Sarah’s husband Richard together with all of their family and friends at such an incredibly difficult time.

May we all raise a glass to thank both Mark and Sarah for everything that they did to enrich our lives, and to celebrate their immense generosity, hard work and enthusiasm in two lives which have been cut short far too soon.


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British Team Chasing Leagues for 2015-16

Posted: Oct 2016

Team Ride Away 1 has won the British Team Chasing open league for 2015-16  by some margin with a score of 90 points, having won five events and been runner up four times. They were almost unstoppable in the spring but have suffered mixed fortunes this autumn with captain Stephen Clark and right hand man Joe Stephenson out due to injury for several events.

Team Chase

Their strength in depth was shown with a pack of dashing ladies Debbie Honour, Lindsay Harrison, Sophie Candy, Becky Rollins, Pandora Bailey and Helen Day plus Greg Wright stepping in to keep the team on the podium alongside long standing member Charlotte Alexander. Foremost among their supporters are chef d’equipe Bryan Allen and Helen Swaddle now back in the team after the birth of Sidney Allen, the next Ride-Away generation.

Team Ride-Away have supported the year’s events with some dedication, despite team members hailing from as far afield as Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

Many of their mounts are retrained racehorses, and part of the challenge has been to develop their skills over the big hedges and sharp turns that are a feature of open team chases.
“We want to win, but most importantly to have fun,” said Stephen. “No-one minds if you have a fall or a run out, we get back together the next week and try again.” 
Demonstrating the unpredictable nature of team chasing both Ride-Away teams crashed out in the Cotswold open class, but all have bounced back ready for the next league series.

The Ride World Wide intermediate league was secured by a spectacular winning round at the Cotswold for the Eternal Optimists. Part of the successful Wishful Thinkers squad, this team is headed by Simon Coady, who with wife and chef d’equipe Zara relocates from their home in the Isle of Man for the team chasing season. In common with the open league, the 2015-16 series has seen endless drama with Eternal Optimists neck and neck with their arch rivals the Art Hotel Racers at every event and seven wins interspersed with six runner up slots plus a couple of major disasters! 
Lining up with Simon are Lizelle Terblanche Brown, Ed Chamberlain and Sarah Cork. Matt Mackley, Anne Mackley and Henry Chamberlain have also been key members of the squad.

Team Chase

Breathtaking speed and the tightest of turns are their calling card, and Simon Coady says : “When you are going that fast it is touch and go as to whether you will get home. We have struggled to keep the line-up together, with Lizelle’s horse being out for much of the season, but when we get it together it is impressive.

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Team chasing rules updated

Posted: Oct 2016
British Team Chasing's committee, led by Chairman Philip Cowen has updated the sport's rules, with effect from the Grafton Team Chase on 23rd October. Competitors are required to familiarise themselves with the rules before entering any event to ensure that they comply with them, so this is a good opportunity to get up to date. Most changes are minor, but we are looking at hat standards for 2017 in line with other equestrian sports' governing bodies – competitors will be advised of any changes well in advance of the 2017 spring season.

Click here to read the full Rules

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Climbing the Team Chase Ladder

Posted: Oct 2016

There has been some discussion on the BTC facebook page and at events about novice classes, times and speed sections, so we thought we’d take a look at the various classes and opportunities for competitors.

First of all, one of the great qualities of team chasing is that there are no entry restrictions other than a minimum rider age for speed classes. Have a great round in a novice class one week and you can upgrade to the intermediate at the following event. Similarly, if it all goes pear-shaped in the open, you can drop your team back to intermediate or slot into someone else’s inter team. If you have a great horse that has evented or point-to-pointed and fancy a go at team chasing, there’s no reason not to go straight for the open – one team did this at the Fernie last year and qualified for the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship.

Several events with bigger tracks, such as the Belvoir and Warwickshire, offer a novice speed class for riders over the age of 16. Some with smaller novice courses are ideal for beginners – the Bicester would be a great example of this, but equally here is a course with an inviting intermediate course that would suit those teams ready to step up a grade. Another great innovation is intermediate bogey time classes – a perfect opportunity to have a run round a bigger track without feeling the need to go too fast.

British Team Chasing does not make stipulations to event organisers about which type of class they must run – it often depends on the time and daylight available, anticipated entries and other classes that they wish to run such as pairs or gate jumping.

You can find out which events will suit your needs and those of your horse by checking out official photos, watching videos on You Tube or by posting questions on the Facebook page – team chasers are a friendly lot and always happy to advise or help out. One way to step up a grade is to join a more experienced team for an outing or too, and the FB page is the ideal place to find team mates.

Aly and Allen Brown of the Point Two Top Spec Hair Raisers have spent the last couple of seasons bringing on new horses in team chasing, and Aly comments:

“I would generally consider Novice classes to be most suitable for riding at a steady hunting pace. We’ve found it beneficial to progress to a modest Inter Bogey time with a reliable lead as the horses have developed. The Cotswold is a good example of the ideal course for this as it is beautifully built, with great variety and rideability. It has proved confidence-giving for our horses and it’s very satisfying to move them up a grade.”

Team Chase

Photo Courtesy of PC Images

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Team chasing goes to the Palace

Posted: Sept 2016

Team chasing is to feature in a new multi-million pound celebration of the racehorse which opens this month.

Palace House Newmarket is home to the National Heritage Centre for Horse Racing and Sporting Art, which will feature an exciting new exhibition telling the story of horseracing and the science behind the development of the modern racehorse.

The finest examples of sporting art from Tate Britain, the British Sporting Art Trust and other private and public collections will be displayed in this royal palace.

The centre will also highlight the work of Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) and visitors will get to see former racehorses up close and witness the work of retraining racehorses in daily demonstrations.

Part of the exhibition will focus on ‘life after racing’, exploring the many careers for which former racehorses can be retrained.

British Team Chasing is very proud to be included in this with a photograph of Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Denman, ridden by Team Ride-Away’s Charlotte Alexander, as part of the display. The photograph was taken by regular Horse and Hound contributor PC Images at the Pytchley Team Chase.

Retrained racehorses are well suited to team chasing and have been highly successful in the sport; RoR is a generous sponsor of team chasing and at the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship 2016, all four horses in the winning Team Ride-Away were retrained racehorses, receiving cash prizes from RoR.

For more details on how to visit www.palacehousenewmarket


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Skinners Pet Foods Championship qualification race begins

Posted: Sept 2016

Team chasing revs up a gear this weekend as teams start to compete for qualifying places at the Skinners Pet Foods National Championship.

Equestrianism’s ‘extreme sport’ sees teams of three or four riders gallop and jump their way across natural country, with the fastest team to get three riders home the winners.

After two warm up events, where the leading teams showcased new horses and fine-tuned their line-ups, the action begins in earnest at the Atherstone Team Chase near Coventry this weekend where the two highest placed teams in the open class will earn their place on the start line at the Skinners Pet Foods National Team Chasing Championship to be held in Oxfordshire next April.

Qualifiers continue until the Essex and Suffolk in November and start again in March at the opposite end of the country, at the Taunton Vale.

Fancy a go at this exciting sport? Details of how to get a team together or join an existing squad can be found at and each event also features novice and intermediate classes for less experienced combinations. The novice classes are fun for all the family with under-16s permitted to complete in bogey time sections, and intrepid squads of pony riders often show the adults how it is done!

Team chasing is also a fantastic spectator sport – event venues across the country offer panoramic viewing, or you are free to walk the course and catch the action close up. Event details and locations can also be found at A word of warning though  - it’s a highly addictive sport and the leading teams travel the length and breadth of the country to take part, usually with a large band of supporters in tow!


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Social Media gets Team Chasing off to a Flyer

Posted: Sept 2016

The new team chasing season is up and running and if you would like to take part this is your opportunity! Team chasing is such a friendly sport - many teams will happily accept newcomers or riders whose regular team mates have other commitments for a particular event. Even if you just fancy a run at your local event, you can often find a team to slot you in. The team chasing Facebook page is alive with requests for team members at the moment, and with riders wanting to join teams -  If you and a friend want to have a go at this exciting sport perhaps you can find your new team mates! Requests are either posted as ‘visitor posts’ or as comments on our main posts about the various events.

Many of the team chases also now have their own Facebook pages with the very latest updates on their events - the going, what the fences look like etc. We share these on the main page where possible and offer links to their pages.

Everyone loves a good team chasing video, and we are keen to show as many of these as possible on the Facebook page, so if you have good video footage either from a helmet camera or taken by a spectator, do let us know either with a post to the page or a message.

Finally if you are on Twitter, all of the main posts are shared on our Twitter feed so you are never very far away from the latest news about team chasing.

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The Warwickshire Hunt Team Chase & Hunter Trials Sunday 28th August 2016

Posted: August 2016

The Warwickshire Hunt Team Chase & Hunter Trials

Sunday 28th  August 2016
Hill Farm, Watergall, Southam CV47 2XP
Counting Down to the Opening Event of the Autumn Season
The Warwickshire Hedges are Waiting for you !!
All Courses will be prepared with an Agrivator to ensure best possible ground conditions 
Courses will be available for walking from 2pm on Friday 26th August but please note that some Stock Fencing may still be in place until Saturday 27th August



LATE ENTRIES SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY £5 Classes 1 & 2, £10 Classes 3, 4 & 5

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Posted: July 2016

The Warwickshire Hunt opens the Autumn Team Chasing Season on Bank Holiday Sunday 28th August 2016

Moving to a Sheep Farm in 2011 meant re-scheduling the Warwickshire Team Chase from the Spring to the Autumn Season – a bit of an upheaval for all concerned !

We opted for 1st Place on the Autumn Schedule and have geared our Courses & Classes to give everyone a great start for their first run of the season.

The National Open Teams come to vie for the fabulous Jo Rugman Rose Bowl in our flagship Intermediate Class whilst those trying out New Teams or New Horses can let rip in our Novice Fastest Time and the more cautious the Novice Bogey Time. If you can't get a Team of 4 together just come and have some fun riding round our Hunter Trial Course in the Pairs or Individual

Online Entries at

The Courses will be available for WALKING from 2pm on Friday 26th August – Dogs on leads please We look forward to welcoming you to The Warwickshire Hunt Team Chase

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Team Ride Away crowned Skinner's Pet Foods National Champions

Posted: May 2016


Team Ride-Away 1 are the new Skinner’s Pet Foods National Team Chase Champions!

National Team Chase Champions

It was an impressive victory over a challenging course that accounted for more than half of the starters.

Joe Stephenson Stephen Clark, Charlotte Alexander and Laura Close-Brooks showed incredible skill to tackle the early twisting line of hedges on the Heythrop course at Little Compton, which had caught out so many leading teams.

Their renowned teamwork came into play later on when Joe’s horse ducked out at the second part of the water, leaving Stephen in the lead. They got back together nearly for the pen and then Charlotte led them home over the final big hedge in front of the hospitality area.

Wishful Thinkers were the gallant runners up, never letting up the pace after a tangle at the sixth fence and a fall saw them down to three riders.

Boring Gorings continued their great form, using all their horsemanship skills to get them into third place from last draw as the track continued to take prisoners.

The only other two finishers were the relatively inexperienced squads, the Yorkshire Puddings and Dapper Dobbins Hedgehoppers II. Both had helter skelter rides but kept it together to conquer the most notorious challenge in team chasing.

The sport has enjoyed wonderful support from new sponsors Skinner’s Pet Foods, Volvo, Ride Worldwide and Foxdenton Gin this season, and a huge vote of thanks must go to them for making team chasing’s biggest day even more special.

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Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship 2016 Running Order confirmed

Posted: April 2016


Please can all Team Chase traffic please avoid the village of Little Compton. The event will be sign posted from the A44 and A3400 please follow these roads. The event postcode is GL56 0SH. Going is good and the course is looking great

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Annual Team Chase Conference 2016

Posted: April 2016

As a result of the delayed Spring season, and in the light of the rearranged Skinner’s Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship which will now take place at the Heythrop Team Chase on Sunday 1st May, it is with much regret that the National Team Chase Committee have decided to postpone the Annual Team Chasing Conference which was to have been held at Cheltenham Racecourse on Wednesday 27th April.

We hope to be able to rearrange the Conference for an alternative occasion in either June or July, details of which will be announced in the near future.

We can only apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but trust that all stakeholders in the sport will be able to understand the reasons for this decision in the light of the delayed Spring season which is now underway. All of our attention will of course be focussed on the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Team Chase Championship 2016, and the preceding Worcestershire Team Chase on Sunday 24th April, and we wish all competitors every success at those events.

Please do try to attend the National Championship day on Sunday 1st May if you are able to, full details of which can be found by * clicking here *

Philip Cowen
British Team Chasing

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Worcestershire Team Chase Update

Posted: April 2016
The Worcestershire Team Chase will take place on the Sunday 24th April 2016, please get entries in.

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Team Chase Updates

Posted: April 2016

The Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship at the Heythrop Team Chase has been postponed to Sunday 1st May.

Due to torrential rain throughout the day yesterday and a wet forecast through to Saturday it was necessary to postpone the event.

The Worcestershire Team Chase is going ahead as planned on Sunday 24th April and will now offer a final qualifier for the Skinner's Pet Foods National Championship.
All entries will stand and entries are still being taken, for more info contact Nicky White on

Updates can be found at and


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Open Team Chasing Championship

Posted: March 2016

Spectator car passes for the Skinner's Open Team Chasing Championship at the Heythrop on 16th April can now be ordered online. Advance booking at

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Skinner’s Pet Foods shows support for cancelled team chase

Posted: March 2016

The Taunton Vale Team Chase committee held a fun team relay and gate jumping competition on Sunday 14th March, the planned date for the team chase which was sadly cancelled due to the wet conditions, supported by Skinner’s Pet Foods. Teams jumped natural-looking fences in the large all weather arena at Pontispool Equine Sports Centre.

Results of the Skinner’s Pet Foods Open Team Relay held at Pontispool Equine Sports Centre:

1st Mendip Farmers Fillies (Emily Mugford, Sadie Horner, Cally Moore, Ellie Wass)

2nd Nobody Knows (Emma Pascall, Hedley Webb, Laura Witt, Jess )

3rd Centaurs (Mark Heuff, Jo Heuff, Hayden Webb, Charlie )

In addition to the Skinner's Open, the event included the Elanco Animal Health novice team relay and the Griffin Nuumed gate jumping.

The photo shows novice prize winners the Lawnmoor Ladies.

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Worcestershire Team Chase Cancelled

Posted: Feb 2016
The Worcestershire Team Chase due to have been held on Sunday 20th March, is the latest to fall victim to the weather, after heavy rain on Wednesday led to flooding across the Midlands. The organisers are rescheduling to 24 April

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Safety first for Team Chasing

Posted: Feb 2016
As the new season approaches, competitors are reminded to check that their hats and body protectors comply with British Team Chasing rules. Events may make spot checks at the secretary's tent, but it is the rider's responsibility to ensure that they are wearing the correct safety equipment.

Team Chase

The rules state:
It is compulsory for competitors to wear crash helmets to current recognised Safety Standards, and which are identified by a Team Chasing, BE, BRC, BSJA or Pony Club approved Hat Tag. I.e. Hats must meet one of the following standards: British All PAS015, BSEN1384 or European EN1384 provided they are BSI kitemarked or SEI. American All SEI ASTM 95, ASTM F1163:2004, SNELL E2001. Australian and New Zealand All AS/NZS 3838 Competitors are strongly recommended to check their hats regularly and to replace them if damaged or following a fall. All those mounted at an event (including grooms and helpers) must wear a hard hat complying to the above standard when mounted. All competitors must also wear a British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) approved and appropriately labelled Level 3 body protector manufactured in the year 2000 or after. Competitors are strongly recommended to check their body protectors on a regular basis and replace them if damaged or following a fall and are advised that the body protector should impede neither flexibility nor balance.

Many other disciplines have revised or are considering revising hat standards. The National Committee will discuss this at the next meeting, ahead of the National Conference in April, with a view to revising the standards for 2017. Any changes will be published in good time to allow competitors to update their equipment.

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Bicester with Whaddon Team Chase Cancelled

Posted: Feb 2016
As a result of the continuing poor weather conditions, organisers of the Bicester with Whaddon Team Chase, due to have been held on Sunday 6th March, are unable to begin preparing the course and have thus taken the decision to cancel for this season. It is planned to run the event in Autumn 2016.

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Getting a tow!

Posted: Jan 2016

Team chasing often means mud, and lorry parks quickly get cut up. Organisers liaise with local farmers and contractors to offer a towing service, but competitors can do a lot to make the process work seamlessly.
Lots of people get very anxious when they realise they might need to be towed by a tractor to get in or out of an event. Here's a guide to preparing to be towed, dealing with the towing, and afterwards, from contractors Mill Farm Ashorne who provide the service at equestrian events across the Midlands.

Before the event:
Make sure your vehicle is ready to be towed. Do you know where your towing point is? Can it be accessed quickly? Some lorries have a panel covering the towing point that needs a spanner to undo.
Does your vehicle have a screw in towing unit, or eye? If yes, do you know where it is, does it fit, and does it screw in easily? Turning up without the correct kit for your lorry is the same as turning up without all of your tack.
If your lorry has a towing jaw built into the front bumper do you have the correct pin? It is very dangerous towing a lorry with the wrong pin. Do NOT expect the tractor driver to have a suitable pin.

At the event:

Allow extra time in case you need to be towed on!
If it's really wet then some events will ask that all vehicles are towed in and out, to minimise the damage to the ground.
If you are able to drive on to the event site under your own steam make sure you park so that the tractors can get to the front of your vehicle in case you need towing out. Most lorries have no safe point at the rear for towing - If you have a tow-bar fitted to your vehicle DO NOT assume that it can be used for towing you out. In most cases it can't.

You've become stuck and you need towing:
First put on your hazard lights so the tractor driver can see that you need towing. If you don't think you've been seen then go and find the tractor driver (but DO NOT approach the tractor while it's towing!).
Be patient - the tractor driver(s) will get to you as soon as they can.
Make sure your towing point is ready, your vehicle is running, and (in the case of lorries) you have sufficient air in the system for your brakes to release and work, before the tractor gets to you. Additionally make sure you ARE actually ready to go before requesting a tow.

Being Towed:
Most tractors used for towing at events will be big enough that you won't need to do anything other than steer, and let the tractor do the work. If the tractor is of a sufficient size that you don't need to assist then you should start up and put your vehicle in neutral. If your vehicle is an automatic then always select neutral "N", and do not worry - damage only occurs being towed in an automatic if it is for long distances, or at speed. Steady towing by a tractor will not do any damage provided that you've selected neutral correctly. When the tractor driver indicates that he/she is ready make sure you release your park brake and the foot brake (your vehicle won't roll - after all, you're stuck!). A good tractor driver will gently take up the slack of the chain before beginning to tow you, then slowly increasing to a safe speed. All you need to do now is steer to follow the tractor. Watch the driver as he/she may give you guidance on which way to turn your steering wheel so you follow the tractor properly. If the ground conditions are such that your vehicle might start to roll faster than the tractor (downhill, for example) then be prepared to GENTLY apply the footbrake to slow your vehicle down and maintain tension in the chain. Once you've been towed to a safe place the tractor will stop. They will unhook and move out of your way. Don't stop and undo your towing eye at this point as you may impede the tractor, or other vehicles. Once the way is clear then drive away as normal to leave the event.

When you leave the event:
Remember that your tyres may be full of mud. Drive steadily to start with as the mud will begin to fly out as you drive faster, and if you have to brake firmly while the mud remains you risk skidding. Once all the mud has cleared from your tyres then you can drive at normal speeds.
If your towing eye needs removing then drive to a safe place away from the event before stopping to remove it. Ideally leave it in place until you get home. Most towing eyes are secure when fitted and will not fall out in transit, or present any problems while driving.

If you have any questions about being towed on the day then ask the tractor driver - don't just chance it if you're not sure!
Most tractors are supplied for free to events by local farms or businesses, and the drivers are often there as volunteers, so if you feel they've looked after you it doesn't do any harm to show your appreciation in the time-honoured way! On the same note, please be patient with them - you may have an urgent appointment to get to, but so do plenty of other competitors.
As a final note please don't panic, and we'll get you in and out safely, and as swiftly as possible!

Based in Warwickshire, Mill Farm Ashorne provides a range of agricultural contracting and grassland care services. The equine unit offers a complete foaling service, artificial insemination facilities and is a stockist for Simple Systems Natural Feeds.

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Team Chasing Dates set for Spring

Posted: Dec 2015


Dates have been confirmed for the spring team chasing season, with an action-packed programme of seven events across the country, leading to the Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship at the Heythrop on Saturday 16th April.

Kicking off with the re-scheduled Bicester event in Oxfordshire on Sunday 6th March, the action takes place in seven counties from Worcestershire to Somerset, with teams aiming for the final qualifying slots for the national championship.

Each event also features novice and intermediate classes, with competitors in the intermediate speed gaining points for the Ride Worldwide Intermediate League. Open classes also count toward their own league, with the dcider for both at the Cotswold event in the autumn.

A fun new prize has also been added for intermediate and open classes – The Foxdenton Ride of the Week. A bottle of Foxdenton Dutch Courage gin will be awarded for the greatest feat of horsemanship, which could be surviving a mighty blunder or galloping on to get the winning time.

It all adds up to a great way to welcome spring with the thrills and spills of team chasing.

Details and schedules are available online

Dates are:
Bicester Sunday 6th March
Taunton Vale Sunday 13th March
Worcestershire Sunday 20th March
Fernie Sunday 27th March
Berks & Bucks Sunday 3rd April
Avon Vale Sunday 10th April
Heythrop Saturday 16th April

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Posted: Nov 2015


Ride World Wide, one of the leading specialist riding holiday and horse safari tour operators in the UK, is to sponsor the British Team Chasing Intermediate League for 2016. The Intermediate division represents up and coming horses and riders destined for Open events the following season.

The series launched at the Essex & Suffolk Team Chase on Sunday 1st November and will conclude at the Cotswold Team Chase in late October 2016. Ride World Wide will provide cash prizes to the leading four teams in the League.
“We’re delighted to become involved in Team Chasing,” comments Ruth Taggart, Director of Ride World Wide. “The adventurous riders that participate in and follow Team Chasing are exactly our sort of clientele, and our safaris provide a different set of thrills in 5 of the 7 continents of the world. We look forward to meeting many prevailing customers and some new ones through our affiliation with this exciting sport.”

Philip Cowen, Chairman, British Team Chasing, added, “British Team Chasing is a sport in the ascendant. Our participation levels are growing, we are reaching new audiences all the time, and sponsors are stepping forward to partner us to grow the sport among the 4m riders in the UK. We’re delighted to welcome Ride World Wide and look forward to working with them to reach our audience on an on-going basis.”

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Bicester with Whaddon Chase Re-scheduled

Posted: Nov 2015

The Bicester Team Chase, due to have been held on Sunday 8th November at Newton Morrell, Oxon, has been rescheduled for Sunday 6th March 2016. The new schedule will be available at in the new year. 

Those who entered for last week’s event are offered a refund of their entry fees minus a 10% admin fee, but should any competitors wish to make a donation toward the costs incurred in cancelling the event, the organisers would be very grateful.

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Double league win for Fox Grant squads

Posted: Oct 2015

The Coombe Farm Wines team chasing leagues reached their climax at the Cotswold Team Chase with a double victory for the Fox Grant Thrusters and Art Hotel Racers squads for the second year running in the open and intermediate leagues respectively.

Both competitions went to the wire - Eternal Optimists have pushed Art Hotel Racers at every event this autumn, while the battle between Fox Grant Thrusters and Relentless in the open classes has been a feature of the season.

Fox Grant Thrusters team captain William Grant said: "I am over the moon. It's been a very difficult season with several of our top horse out injured, but has been a great squad effort with over 15 riders helping win the Open & Intermediate for the second year running I'd particularly like to thank everyone who helps at events and those behind the scenes."

Team chasing also owes a considerable debt of thanks to Coombe Farm Wines, who have supported the series for a number of years, and have helped to make the sport as exciting and competitive as it is now. Their generosity in presenting prizes in kind as well as cash prizes has made the placings even more sought after, and the presentations haver been a big highlight of the Cotswold event.

Fox Grant Thrusters

Art Hotel Racers

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Have you got Dutch Courage?P

Posted: Oct 2015

Team chasing is renowned for needing brave horses and skilled riders.

Now Foxdenton Gin, the specialist producer of English fruit liqueurs and gins, is to recognise the amazing feats of horsemanship seen in team chasing with a new award for the outstanding performance by a rider at each British Team Chasing event.

The award, a bottle of the newly created Dutch Courage, will be presented at the end of each day's team chasing to the adult individual whose riding performance has impressed the Ground Jury the most in any Open or Intermediate class, with the first award presented at the Cotswold Team Chase on October 25th.

This winner might show spectacularly stylish riding, recover from a run out to lead their team home, or survive a disastrous blunder over a fence, and may not necessarily come from the winning team. He or she will have shown that they have real Dutch Courage!

In addition, Foxdenton Gin has created a bespoke gin to be marketed through British Team Chasing, and a royalty from each sale will benefit the sport.

"We're delighted to team up with British Team Chasing," reports Nick Foxdenton. "Our range of gins are very popular amongst hunting and shooting folk, and we think our new partnership with British Team Chasing will add value to both of us. Certainly, you need some Dutch Courage to jump fences at speed!"

Philip Cowen, Chairman of British Team Chasing, added,"We're delighted to welcome Foxdenton Gin to the family of sponsors supporting this great sport. Many is the time I have paused out hunting or shooting to enjoy refreshments, and I can see Foxdenton Gin being a great success with our supporters. That we can use this to reward outstanding riding at our Chasing events this season will spur on our riders to greater participation."

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Posted: Oct 2015

Skinner’s Pet Foods, the manufacturer of premium quality dog foods, is to sponsor the British Team Chasing National Championship for this season and the subsequent three years.

The Championship comprises a minimum of 13 qualifying events culminating in the Final at the Heythrop team chase in April 2016. Qualifiers started at the Atherstone on Sunday 20th September, before taking in events in nine counties for 13 hunts.

William Delamore, Sales & Marketing Director for Skinner’s Pet Foods, commented, “We’re delighted to add our long term support to British Team Chasing, and to the Open Championship in particular. There’s a strong correlation between our market and the audience attending events of this nature, not least the fact that over 60% of spectators and participants own a dog. We’re looking forward to meeting a great many of our customers, and to enjoying some wonderful sport.”

Philip Cowen, Chairman of British Team Chasing, added,”We’re delighted to welcome Skinner’s to the family of sponsors backing our sport. Skinner’s is a well-known brand that resonates with our audience, and their investment will allow us to develop the sport and open up new events beyond our current venues. This is a sport where participant levels are growing strongly, and aligning ourselves with Skinner’s should accelerate that process.”

The team chasing season started on Sunday 30th August with the Warwickshire event at Southam, The Skinner’s Pet Foods National Championship takes place at Little Compton, near Chipping Norton in April 2016.

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Warwickshire Kicks of the Autumn Season in style!

Posted: July 2015

The Warwickshire Hunt opens the autumn team chasing season on Bank Holiday Sunday 30th August at Hill Farm, Watergall, Southam CV47 2XP. This year’s course incorporates the changes made last year which brought more of the key fences, including the pen into a central field in full view of the hospitality and spectators’ area. The tricky turn to Number 2 – the quad bike caused a few hair raising moments and Denny’s Dare, the largest hedge on the course got everyone firing on full throttle at the start of an exciting season The courses will be available for walking from 2pm on Friday 28th August – dogs on leads please.

Online entries can be made at -  It’s easy to use with a safe and secure payment gateway and you will receive a confirmation email so that you know your entry has been received plus you can log back in anytime to check what you have entered. A telephone helpline is also available from 9am to 7.30pm on 07962 251 696.  Entries close Monday 24th August – late entries subject to availability.          

CLASS 1 Pairs Hunter Trial has a new sponsor – Bowie Lockwood Structures Ltd. There is a special prize for the highest placed Pony Club or Riding Club Pair.
CLASS 2 Individual Hunter Trial sponsored by Gavin Reilly, Irish Sport Horses

he afternoon action moves to the the team chase courses generously sponsored by
Savills, International Property Consultants, Spring Paddocks Equine & Haines Watts, Chartered Accountants
Emma Wyatt Gifts havs designed stunning new individual trophies to mark the 5th Year at Hill Farm (see photo)

Team Chasing

Tour the course in style
Mill Farm, Ashorne and Char Hutsby will be providing class sponsors with a thrilling course tour in 4wds.
The hospitality vehicles will be available to take spectators and team supporters round the course for a small charge of £10.00 per car which will be donated to this year’s Team Chase Charity – the RDA

There will also be trade stands, licensed bar and catering from local suppliers. Admission will be just £5 per car for a great day out!

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Relentless score fifth Championship victory

Posted: April 2015

Team Chasing Championship

Relentless have been crowned British Team Chasing national champions for the fifth time at the Heythrop after a superb round over a testing track. Rowan Cope and Luke Morgan shared the lead and they made the twisty course, which now includes a big bale pen five from home, look effortless.

“We knew that the early fences would take some jumping,” said Dickie Barratt, “and the plan was always to get those out of the way and then kick on. I saw Dougie Gittins having a few hairy moments on his new horse and had to stay close enough just in case, but then I could just cruise home on Mani.”

Team Ride-Away I and II scored a spectacular double taking second and third place, and Stephen Clarke who captained both teams said: “What a day for Team Ride-Away. Well done everyone, and thanks to all riders, helpers and amazing messages of congratulations from so many people! Special thanks to Secretary Nicky White and the organisers who work so hard. The course was in great shape. And of course well done to Relentless. You'll take some beating, but we will keep trying. What would we do without such a great sport - long may Team Chasing continue.”
Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) provided cash prizes to eligible horses in the first three teams – Coleorton Dane, Jacko’s Boy, Junior Jack, Glad Star, Theatrical Spirit, The Masters Lesson, Bewleys Guest, Walls Way and Offshore Account.

Team Chasing Championship

Fox Grant Dot Com survived an eventful round for fourth place, and reigning champions Fox Grant Thrusters set off at a storming pace, looking set to take their battle with Relentless to the wire. But Will Grant and Skipper Robin could not get through the water, and then Charlotte Seymour Williams was unseated three from home. It was a brilliant effort and provided the crowds with some nail-biting action.

Hunting Round gave another great display of jumping on their Irish bred hunters for ninth place with Lucy Nuttall winning the Junior Trophy for the highest placed under-23.

The Worcestershire Awesome Foursome’s Caroline Webley and John made a quick change after taking eighth place to win the gate jumping, continuing their domination of this event. As has become tradition, she accepted the challenge to jump higher and higher after her victory, raising money for the Air Ambulance until there were no more holes left on the jump wings.

Novice and intermediate teams enjoyed rejigged courses too, and a break for the Grand National meant that officials were busy from 9am to almost 6pm, with a record 107 teams taking part.

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Team Chasing blossoms in Spring & Autumn

Posted: April 2015

Team chasing is enjoying unprecedented popularity as its elite squads prepare for the British Team Chasing National Championship at the Little Compton, Oxon on 11th April.

To cater for the demand, an extended autumn season has just been confirmed, with events now taking place from late August to mid-November across a wider area of the country. It kicks off in Warwickshire on Sunday 30th August with fixtures every weekend until the Bicester on 8th November.

The Berkeley event in Gloucestershire also returns to the calendar, now with a new national championship qualifying open class to include some impressive hedges. The year-long competition for the Coombe Farm Wines Open and Intermediate Leagues will both reach their climax at the Cotswold event on Sunday 25th October.

This spring’s season, which concludes with the Avon Vale’s event in Wiltshire on 19th April, has seen enthusiastic support from competitors and spectators alike – at the Fernie 64 teams lined up for the novice class with 27 for the intermediate and a further 16 in the unique UK Hunt Team Chase class, where the winning hunt collects the generous prize money in place of the team members. Meanwhile at the Worcestershire, host Andy Shaw had to open an additional field to cope with the demand for spectator car parking.

At the top end of the sport, 19 teams have qualified for the British Team Chasing National Championship, which is hosted by the Heythrop. After tackling 23 fences over 2 miles of undulating terrain, the 2015 national champion will be announced, and competition has never been hotter, with the 2013 and 2014 winning squads, Relentless and Fox Grant Thrusters lining up once again.

“Team chasing is really enjoying a surge in popularity across the board and across the country – competitors travel hundreds of miles to compete each weekend at all levels,” commented British Team Chasing Chairman Philip Cowen. “We believe that this is because it is one of the friendliest and most inclusive equestrian sports, but one which retains an element of ‘extreme sport’ and of challenging horse and rider as a combination that is irresistible.”
“The excitement that is building towards our national championship, and already towards next season is infectious, and we look forward to welcoming even more competitors to try team chasing.”


For more information contact Philip Cowen or Jane Carley 07790 484482

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Championship Running Order

Posted: April 2015

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Posted: Mon 2 June 2014

Team chasing fun for multi-discipline horse and rider Equine vet Lindsay Harrison from Retford, Nottinghamshire is a new convert to team chasing. She explains: “My horse is called Fugly (Milling Around) and he is a 17.2 9yo gelding by Mill Law. I bought him to event, and evented up to one star level but found that it was getting increasingly expensive and increasingly serious. Also I'm not much of a show-jumper!” “I work every second weekend so just couldn't get out for enough outings and lessons to make us as successful eventing as I'd wished.”

Lindsay got into team chasing last autumn via a fellow eventer who had been asked if she might know of someone sufficiently crazy to slot into a space in an intermediate team. “For some reason she thought of me and I had a baptism of fire at the Grafton intermediate!  Our team - the Nottingham Brewery Drinking Party - were placed, I was hooked and the rest is history. When the others in our team couldn't make the last couple of events of the season I put a message on the Team Chase Facebook page and received a lot of offers of team paces. I joined the Dapper Dobbins for two events and had a fab time, though I will be returning to my original team in September.”

She adds: “Luckily my colleague is quite understanding during the shorter team chase season and I have done some very creative swaps to get enough time off to take part - often working all night then setting off first thing with the horse to travel to a team chase. My horse's talent has always been for cross country so it was a natural progression.”
Perhaps uniquely for a team chaser, Fugly spends the summer competing at British Dressage Medium level.
He does have the typical team chaser temperament, however, Lindsay reports: “He is an absolute nightmare to tack up and in the collecting ring (I have abandoned studs as there is no way I could get them in) but as soon as the flag goes down there is no other horse I would rather be sat on.”

She explains the allure of team chasing: “For me it is a fab sport. A lot like eventing was in the 1990s with all the camaraderie. It does feel odd setting off with only a saddle, a bridle and the horse, compared to the exhaustive check-list required for eventing, but I like the simplicity.” “My husband can even be persuaded to come with me whereas he was never keen on eventing outings. He and his parents team chased in the past (his father is an MFH) and I think they're quite proud to have another member of the family involved. He likes the slightly rough and ready and agricultural atmosphere, and of course the beer tent. It really couldn't be simpler to understand after all the ins-and-outs of eventing - fastest team left standing wins.”

Of her aims for 2014/15, Lindsay says:” Of course I want to contest an Open. I was thrilled to find that at the Heythrop we shared 90 per cent of the course with the Open – we just need to work on the speed. To that end we have had a go at a point-to-point this spring, although I found that less exciting than team chasing!”

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NEW CHAIRMAN APPOINTED Posted: Wed 15 May 2013
Following the meeting of the Master of Foxhounds Association's team chasing committee on 1st May, Philip Cowen MFH has been elected chairman of the committee for a three year term.

Philip will be well known to team chasers as the chairman of the Fernie event, which hosted the British Team Chasing National Championship from 2002-2012. He is also a team chaser himself, taking part in the fun or hunt class at the Fernie each year, and in 2012 masterminded the development of the new team chasing website.

Retiring chairman James Buckle MFH, also chairman of the Essex and Suffolk event, remains on the committee. After long service, Howard Pauling has stepped down from the committee but will still support fellow course inspectors Netty Nevill, Debbie Topping and Tony Berry as required.

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Kate McKee, who has a busy day job as marketing manager at Beverley Racecourse, describes how she made her dreams into reality and rode in her first open at the Cotswold, with a little help from the Cunning Stunts team. Click here to read her article...

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YOUR HELP NEEDED! Posted: 2014
For us to provide the Team Chasing community with the best Internet service dedicated to our sport of Team Chasing we need your help! We can only publicise, on the web site, information that has been supplied to us.

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Have you got a team profile on the site? Is it correct or if not, then why not take a little time to do one as I'm sure there are lot of supporters that would like to know who the intrepid riders and horse's are.

We would also like to report on the happenings of each event, who did what, what happened to so and so and why etc. So if there are any budding reporters! Or indeed anybody that fancies having a go and supplying a few words or a mini report on their days activities for the web site, then please contact or at the address above.

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