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National Championship 31 March 2019
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Spring 2019 Season....

17th March Beaufort, Wilts
24th March Farmers Bloodhounds
31st March Fernie
7th April Worcestershire
14th April Avon Vale Hunt
20th April Bicester, Newton Morrell

Autumn 2019 Season....

1st Sept Warwickshire
15th Sept Belvoir
22nd Sept Atherstone
29th Sept Berkeley
6th Oct Pytchley
13th Oct Meynell & S.Staffs
19th Oct North Herefordshire
20th Oct Grafton
27th Oct Cotswold
3rd Nov Essex & Suffolk

British Team Chasing

Forelock & Fully Loaded

team colours
RED Rider 1: Kerrie Aschettino Horse 1:  
WHITE Rider 2: Christie Eaton Evans Horse 2:  
YELLOW Rider 3: Sophie Mathew Horse 3:  
GREEN Rider 4: Whoever is avaiable! Horse 4:  

Team Profile:

Team Chasing Team Chasing Team Chasing Team Chasing

A brief summary of the history and notable facts about the team in question

Starting with a text message for one friend to another; ‘what about a team chase? Now two seasons later and after several mishmashes of teams, riders and horses  - Forelock and Fully Loaded has been formed.

Regular Team Members & their Horses

The team is sponsored by Bury St Edmunds' based country store, Forelock and Load.

The team name was chosen by the masses via a facebook post. With all sorts of suggestions the most appropriate and family friendly was chosen and 'Forelock and Fully Loaded' was formed.

Kerrie Aschettino, a driving instructor from the Peterborough area, is normally seen at the front of the team, if you end up in front of her you normally end up with your horse vocally ridden by her to ensure she gets her line.

Christie Eaton Evans, found in the blood box at Tattersalls, Newmarket, during the Sales period is backed by her husband ( team vet when available!) and her biggest supporters, Daisy and Fred, their two children. All of whom are banned from walking the course with her for comments like "You're jumping THAT?!"

The third regular team member is Sophie Mathew who works for the fundraising department at Racing Welfare in Newmarket. With family all over the country the team will be making the most of her relatives for overnight stopovers for the Spring season.

Number four rider is made from the best that is available on the day… having said that - they aren't all that fussy so if you need a run get in touch!

Names and details of some of their best horses in recent seasons
Kerrie's horse Harty's Quay is an ex racehorse with more letters in his form than placings, but he has found his trip with team chasing and takes the lead like a pro... most of the time! Rosie O'Grady or Alice as we know her is the smallest of the team- fondly referred to as a 'porse', she throws her heart over first.. sometimes too keenly but always with a broad smile. Curiosity Killed the Cat is a gentlemanly sort, he'll happily sit anywhere in the team but hasn't got the pace of some.

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